Nora Kersten

Better known as Yoga Nora, Nora was born in Prishtina (Kosovo), she was two years old when her parents relocated her from Kosovo to Switzerland, where she grew up at the Bodensee Region.

When she had her first Yoga class a couple of years ago in New York, she was hooked! Since then she quit her job at Swiss Benevolent Society to become a dedicated Yoga teacher.

Based in Zurich, Nora loves cooking with fresh, organic and plant-based products. In summer you’ll find her on the Lake Zurich on the Paddle Board doing Yoga.

Besides Yoga and cooking, in her free time, she works as a Model for different healthy lifestyle products. She also invented Athletic flow, a new group fitness class which combines HITT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga, two worlds into one for more balance in life. She is very much of a family person and enjoys spending time with her family, her little nephew and of course with the youngest member of the tribe: Since October her baby girl enriched her life and turned her every day live upside down.

What made you dedicate your whole life to yoga?

I had my very first encounter with yoga in one of the largest and loudest metropolises in the world. In NYC, the city of 8 millions inhabitants, I discovered a small studio in Midtown. There I sang an Om for the first time, tried to bring the dog and the cat into harmony with my breathing and noticed a rebirth of myself after the Savasana. Thanks to yoga I realized for the first time that I had two lives and my second life began when I ealized that I only had one. Four years ago I assigened for my first teacher training in India. Although I was really not sure if this was the right way for me, I followed my intuition and I was very fortunate that my husband Simon supported me 100% in this decision. Yoga has completely changed my old life. It has ended my old life – fortunately, because in my opinion, she has gained a new and much more beautiful life. My daily yoga practice looks different every day. Sometimes I have the need to do Ashtanga, sometimes I need exactly the opposite of a calm Yin Yoga, often I sits there and meditate or do breathing exercises. Every day I triey to listen to my body to find out which yoga would do good for me today. Yoga only really begins when I leave my yoga mat and try to be completely in the here and now, when I practice serenity, when it gets stressful, when I allow myself breaks, when I listen to my body, how much and what I eat, how I deal with myself and my fellow human beings and much more.


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