Step into our design studio.

The SPACE -  A pink wall, wooden elements, a chandelier (of course) and thousands of different fabric swatches, buttons, zipper details and colourswherever the eye goes. This is our INA KESS SPACE. It is the magical place where all our dreams, ideas, creative sparks, and craziness turns through the course of weeks and months of intense testing and reflection into reality.

We created this place with the vision to develop a full-blown sample atelier where we are creating all drawings and designs, prints, golden buttons and other metal details like zipper pullers, cord ends, buckles, and many moreAll our patterns we develop from scratch and build them over the course of many fit sessions into art pieces, that stand the test of time, flatter the female silhouette and offer an unseen comfort for any time of the day.

All our fabrics are tested inhouse, from the customer perspective, washed in a regular household machine, tested to last. Additionally, our fabrics and materials are all tested by Testex in Zurich and we make sure all reports are matching our highest quality requirements. We do regular fit sessions with fitting models in different sizes to ensure the fit stays the same across different sizes. It means a lot to us to serve all different clients and to really understand the painpoint of women we serve with our developments. To name examples, we might change the position of buttons in different sizes, the angle of zips, the size and fit of a collar. We believe in the longevity of our creations and strive for perfection in every little detail.

Apart from that, during monthly team meetings that are taking place with the whole team in the SPACE, we are gathering feedback from everyone in the team where we try to bring in the customers’ perspective as much as possible, twisting and turning every detail about the touch and feel, the comfort, the wearability and the practicality of each design.


xoxo INA KESS,




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