25 April, 2023

the irresistible simplicity of ina kess

How much in fashion can a classic white shirt be? How fancy a black pair of track pants, how cool but also office appropriate a blazer, or – may I dare to say - a pair of leggings? 

Well, quite a bit.

The moment you discover the INA KESS world, and dive into the styles, you find THAT ONE PERFECT SHIRT, BLOUSE, PANTS, AND BLAZER, that fits and feels perfect, better than anything else, simply irresistible, the one you cannot help but fall for, make it yours and never go back.

Your love affair with INA KESS has just begun and will be a happily ever after story, becoming a long-term relationship of mutual trust, love, and understanding.

INA KESS is a fashion brand of loyal customers; no age, or size restricted, they are all women with
personality in style and high standards in life, fashion, and looks; an integral part of the INA KESS family.

Woman posing in INAKESS white Blouse/Shirt & Leggings

Founded in 2015 in Switzerland by a young woman, with a creative mind, a talent in design, and a master’s degree in economics, INA KESS is a tailored-to-move-forward brand of smart styles curated with love, passion, and unique attention to detail. 
With its origin in luxury
sportswear, due to its fabrics and comfort, INA KESS grew from a simple e-shop page to the racks of a yoga store and then within months to a high-traffic web shop, a must visit pop up store concept in Zurich’s luxury small streets, and modern office spaces in the outskirts of Zurich. 

A Swiss brand favorite, a woman’s brand for women not just for women.
Was it the success of the versatile INA KESS TRACK PANTS, or was it the convenience and perfection of the non-iron ORLOV white shirt? INA KESS established itself as a luxury brand of perfect clothing staples, well-respected in the fashion world with a very clear identity and value proposition. 

The brand presents every season, a small range of puristic must-haves together with a few statement pieces that spice up each collection. Garments, fabrics, buttons, zippers, and all particles of the styles come from Italy, Switzerland, or France, the design is in Switzerland, and production is in Portugal. INA KESS is a European brand with Swiss quality, and a touch of French chic and Italian extravagance. 

INA KESS is a dominating feeling of comfort and then an attitude; and the latter is the biggest achievement of this brand which made it through all turbulent times, and grew big from its own organism, in a sustainable way, partnering over time with numerous boutiques across Europe and USA, high-end Department Stores (Jelmoli, Globus, KaDeWe), and kept fascinating customers with styles that elevate every look without sacrificing on comfort
and fit. 

Irresistible, fashionable, and real-life appropriate. 

INA KESS styles are designed to be (and not just look) perfect. 

In the fierce visual-obsessed fashion landscape, an INA KESS piece is not standalone but is destined to take life when a woman wears it: branded to the minimum, mostly monochromatic, clean, chic, sophisticated, distinguished only by the golden button and some edgy elements, INA KESS brings the woman into the spotlight. 

A desire, a convenience that becomes a necessity, a luxury for you who know.

That is INA KESS, born in Swiss and growing cosmopolitan, with a simple story of how the ambition of making the best white shirt and the comfiest track pants became a fashion statement and proposition of a luxury brand with a clear view and offers on fashion.

Comfortable, chic, and functional. INA KESS.

- Evgenia Iliopoulou