25 April, 2023

Do you really have a size?

And what about the size? Your size? What is your size in France, in the USA, in the UK? In brands that fit small and then in brands that are true to size. And what is then your INA KESS size? oh stop... for this you should not worry at all.

INA KESS is more about the style than the size.

Sizing is anyway not that important. Think of the different sizing between brands (you may be XS in one brand and S in another), the different systems (French, US, UK, etc.), and the struggles to fit in a size (oh what a nightmare.!) or your troubles to figure out your size when shopping online and the endless swaps in the changing room.

Personal Size is not existing. Personal Style does.

And yet again size and fashion do not go together – it is an oxymoron. 
The more you focus on sticking to your size, or finding the correct size, the more you reduce your looks and styling possibilities. And whoever loves fashion, loves to be playful with it. INA KESS goes a step further here, with a size concept that feels loose and violates all the preconceptions of sizing per se.  

Small is not that small. Large is more oversized, than large, all fabrics are stretchy so that almost everyBODY fits in at least two sizes of each style making every style pick a choice of styling.  

Let’s take the classic ORLOV shirt, if you are a 36 size in the EU size chart you probably go with an XS at INA KESS, and have a regular fit, for those who want an oversized cooler look the L could work. The length, the shoulders, and the cut differ more to accommodate styling propositions. The oversized ONYX shirt can be worn in all sizes scaling up the coolness from XS cool to XL cool, and how much fashion courageous you dare to be.  

Each person has at least two fitting sizes at INA KESS styles, and then two styling options at least. 

Many styles come in two size variations: XS/S and M/L stating profoundly how inclusive the brand is. And only in the pants, INA KESS makes a kind gesture of convenience to accommodate the needs of these women who are over 175cm, or for those (like myself) that have a more regular height but still love to have more cloth on their body (again the two options) adding a long version to each style.

The rest is like with the shirts, each person can normally go with two different sizes for each pair of pants, depending on how tight and or looser this pair should feel. 
Among our INA KESS customers quite a few women should be wearing the same size, but do not, likewise, they do not buy the same styles and when they do, they do not wear them the same way. INA KESS women are not grouped with sizing, they sometimes identify themselves based on their favorite styles (ie. ONYX people, PURE, TRACKPANTS) but have all a name, and a unique personal style. They are our ambassadors and our inspiration to develop, grow and move forward as we are tailored.  

- Evgenia Iliopoulou