Michèle Stofer


Michèle graduated from the University of Fribourg with a bachelor's degree in media and communication sciences with a minor in business administration and psychology. She worked for 2.5 years as Junior Marketing Manager at Swisscom. At the age of 24, she was voted Vice Miss-Switzerland. In the summer of 2017, she completed her Master's degree in Business Administration - with a focus on Marketing and Management - at the University of Berne with the distinction insigni cum laude. Born in Berne, she has been working as a communications specialist at the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics BBL since 2018.

Through her vice title, Michèle has already been booked for many shootings and videos, she is a brand ambassador for various brands and occasionally works as a model. Her passions also include traveling, sports, food, fashion and much more.


What makes you laugh?
Funny stories from friends, funny sayings in movies...

What are your top 3 must-have wardrobe pieces?
Leather jacket, white sneakers and a great dress that can be combined with sneakers/leather jacket but also with heels.

What is your favorite piece from INA KESS and why?
Luxe Léger Track Pants - the perfect combination of comfortable and elegant!

Summer or winter?
I love the Aare and I love the mountains...but summer is definitely better for aperitifs in the fresh air ;-)

What is the best thing about your job?
The closeness to politics.

What inspires you?
Happy people.

New York or Paris?
New York! I did an internship there and just love the city!

How do you stay fit?
With jogging and fitness - and as an athletic trainer.

What makes you happy?
Food, food and... food and travel!

WEBSITE: michelestofer.ch
INSTAGRAM: michelestofer
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